NTM Facts Sheet

A one-page snapshot of why NTM is a disease that should be top of mind.

How Is NTM Affecting Your State?

Use this interactive map to see the prevalence and financial cost of NTM where you live.

ATS/IDSA Statement Reference Guide

The ATS/IDSA Statement made into a quick reference guide.

1000 Words

Hear the real stories of patients on their journey to an NTM diagnosis.

A Costly Problem

NTM imposes a substantial cost to patients and the healthcare system.

Patient Case Studies

Follow patients on their journey with NTM from initial clinical presentation through final treatment.

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Treatment Success

You’ve initiated treatment for your patient and started them down the path to culture conversion. Here are some signs of treatment success to look out for along the way.

For Your Information

Access NTM resources for both you and your patients.