A Thousand Words About NTM

A collaboration with patients

A Thousand Words About NTM is an initiative designed to help illuminate the suffering of people living with NTM. We paired NTM patients with artists from around the world. Our goal was to create one-of-a-kind original artwork to help patients communicate what they’ve often struggled to put into words—the long, difficult journey to an NTM diagnosis. Because sometimes one picture can say what a thousand words never could.

A Thousand Words

See how words inspired works of art and learn firsthand about the initiative that gives a voice to patients and their journey to an NTM diagnosis

Meet 3 people who have been down the long road to an NTM diagnosis

Betsy’s Story

Listen to Betsy’s story: Mother. Wife. Employee. Betsy lived a picturesque life until an unknown illness disrupted it. Her life became consumed with doctor’s appointments, tests, medications, and coughing—all without an answer. See how difficult it was for Betsy to finally get to an NTM diagnosis.

Jim’S Story

Watch Jim’s road to diagnosis: Jim was living happily, doing all the things he loved. But a sudden cough and crippling exhaustion prevented him from enjoying retirement. When his cough worsened without reason, a trip to the hospital suddenly turned his world upside down. Watch what happened to Jim and how he finally got the answers he needed.


Hear Donna’s journey: Donna was a devoted churchgoer and attentive worker. But a cough drew the stares and focus of all those around her and turned her away from going out and enjoying her golden years. Learn how Donna finally got an answer to what caused her cough.